Our House Rental Rules

House Rules

  • No solo travelers.
  • Please remove your shoe when entering the bedrooms.
  • No parties, no outside visitors, and no overnight guests without previous approval from your host.
  • Do not engage in illegal activities anywhere on the property.
  • Please let us know if you break or damage something and arrange for its replacement or repair.
  • No smoking inside – also don't discard your cigarettes in the house trash cans. They get stinky.
  • Return all keys.
  • We don't allow pets to freely access the house inside, but if you have a dog or a cat, please talk to us - we might find a solution.

To ensure the best possible experience for all of our guests, we require a deposit of 500 EUR. In the event that any of the house rules outlined above are broken, we reserve the right to retain the deposit to cover any damages or additional cleaning required. If the damages or costs exceed the deposit amount, we may send an outstanding balance invoice to cover the remaining expenses. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to our house rules and helping us maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all.


You are welcome to check in any time after 4 pm. The detailed check-in instructions are below.


We just wanted to mention friendly your checkout instructions. When you leave the place any time before 10 am, please set the property alarm with the same code as listed in your check-in instructions and lock the doors and place the keys back into the lockbox. Many thanks!